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Oliver Gray, directing a five-actor ensemble, has striven to create an experience Shakespeare himself might well have been comfortable with on tour. There are as many versions of Twelfth Night as there are performances, with countless interpretations for director and cast to build around. This one is delivered at a blistering pace; physical, bawdy and unashamedly a comedy. There is tragedy, unrequited love and brilliant verse in Twelfth Night but it is the way this small, young and talented cast bring out the laughter from every situation that makes this particular production a success. This is a young and talented cast which bodes well for the future of a small company who are currently in their 20th year of touring.
Western Mail

The main strength of this Twelfth Night is the overall quality of the acting. That and the direction from Oliver Gray – and of course the play itself – combine for an ideal evening of open-air theatre. The scenes between Olivia and Viola (disguised as Cesario) are especially well done. There's a lot of sexual ambiguity there, as indeed there is in the Orsino/Viola scenes. And there's a beautifully worked out and choreographed ending. Shakespeare's text is packed with well-known sayings – and of course some outrageous innuendo.
Nottingham Post