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Equity Outdoor Touring Guidelines


We are looking for the following:


Exceptionally versatile Comedy Actors/Company Members/Puppeteers (m/f) to play MULTIPLE  ROLES


We would like to hear from performers from any and all ethnic backgrounds, but in particular from BAME performers.



  • You must have a strong voice suitable for outdoor performances

  • You must have a full clean driving licence

  • Puppetry experience, especially of large-scale puppets, is essential

  • You must also have a genuine passion for small-scale touring borne out by your CV.  


Sorry, applicants who lack any of these requirements cannot be considered.


For details of how to apply, please return to the main Jobs Page.



You are welcome to post this information on your site IF (and only if) you are willing to post the paragraph in red VERBATIM AND IN FULL.  

Thank you in advance for respecting this request.

  • 10 week open-air tour of UK. Rehearsing 19 June touring 7 July – 28 August (dates subject to alteration)

  • Wage £350pw + touring allowance £65pw +1 meal or £7 per day while away from home + holiday pay/paid holiday, all in accordance with Equity Outdoor Touring Guidelines.

  • Like-for-like comparison with non-Equity-compliant companies offering a per-season fee of between £2500 with no statutory holiday pay, no allowance and no accommodation provided, this equates to a per-season fee of 4150.00 plus meal allowance. Travel + Accommodation on tour provided.


Illyria’s shows are very physical and demand very strong vocal skills. The productions are ensemble - no individual is the star. Actors need to be fearless in giving HUGE performances and, within parameters, interacting freely with the audience.


We rehearse in the far west of Cornwall. Rehearsals are 6 days per week, and depending on the team size the entire cast will stay together in one or two houses. Accommodation and breakfast is provided and paid for by Illyria.


There is at least one day off per week (generally Monday). Vans return to base/London on average once a fortnight, but sometimes less frequently. Travel on tour is provided. Hotel accommodation (sometimes self-catering) is provided and paid for by Illyria. Please note: single rooms are not normally provided, but there are never more than 2 people sharing a room.


Each tour has a company of actors (5-7, depending on the show) WHO WORK AS A TEAM. Everyone mucks in with EVERYTHING, including stage-management, driving, costume/prop-maintenance, radio/TV interviews, and most importantly get-ins & get-outs which involve lugging heavy steeldeck staging. No-one gets off lightly. All jobs are everyone’s jobs.


Performances continue REGARDLESS OF THE WEATHER. Depending on your point of view, acting in the pouring rain is either horrendous or pant-wettingly funny. What is your point of view? HONESTLY?


Please think long and hard about this kind of work before applying. Touring with Illyria is not like indoor touring at all because open-air shows demand greater physical and vocal energy, and because the elements can all be against you. But for the right people it is enormous fun: during the last 25 years 75% of Illyria’s actors have returned for more! (Over 50% return for 3 seasons, 20% for 5 seasons or more!)


We would like to hear from versatile actors (m/f) who are up for the challenge of outdoor touring. A DEMONSTRABLE love for small-scale touring and the company’s ensemble style is crucial.  As it's so important that every applicant has genuinely understood what he/she is letting him/herself in for, submissions will ONLY be considered if accompanied by a *detailed* covering letter from the performer him/herself.  Submissions without a detailed covering letter, or mass submissions of only photos and CVs, will not be considered.