Pirates of Penzance Gallery

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Nestled on a bench I was ready to have my timbers well and truly shivered by the talented Illyria cast who’d been busy wowing crowds all over the UK. And on this evidence it was easy to see why. As much as this was very much in the ‘entertaining romp’ category, it’s important to remember that ‘Pirates of Penzance’ is an operetta, which meant the cast’s vocal skills were put to the test whether it was in the chorus or in solo spots. They were certainly up to the challenge though, and after this performance none of them should be worried about having to walk the plank anytime soon!
Berwick Advertiser

As Gilbert and Sullivan first timers my husband and I weren’t sure what to expect from this most famous of operettas. But we needn’t have worried, the seven amazing actors took on an operetta written for 20 with gusto and pulled it off superbly. The larger-than-life characters, the complex, clever lyrics, the showing off, the props - the galleon was amazing - were all wonderful. Even the 2143 to Euston, thundering through the nearby station failed to detract. Can’t wait for the next production.
Hemel Gazette