From 1 March 2015 only we would like to hear from versatile actors (m/f) who are up for the challenge of a summer on the road with Illyria. A demonstrable love for small-scale touring and the company’s ensemble style is crucial. It's not enough for your covering letter to say "I love small-scale touring and Illyria's ensemble style" - your CV needs to prove it and your covering letter needs to support it.

Illyria has adopted Equity's Outdoor Touring Theatre Guidelines. You can read more about the Guidelines here, why it's in your interests only to work for outdoor companies who are Equity-compliant here, and which companies are compliant here. Please bear this in mind when choosing between Illyria and non-compliant companies who offer remunerations well below National Minimum Wage (which is illegal) and up to a third or even less (eg £2200 for an entire 17-week season) than the minimum set out in the Guidelines.

Even if you have applied unsuccessfully in the past please do apply again: Illyria does not keep actors' details on file because your availability will differ from year to year and your skills and experience are likely to have grown.

Performances continue REGARDLESS OF THE WEATHER. Depending on your point of view, acting in the pouring rain is either horrendous or pant-wettingly funny. What is your point of view? HONESTLY? Either way you're going to explore greater depths of wetness than you ever thought possible, so what is going to determine whether you have a summer of heaven or hell is YOUR point of view. Please think long and hard about this kind of work before applying. Touring with Illyria is not like indoor touring at all because open-air shows demand greater physical and vocal energy, and because the elements can all be against you. But for the right people it is enormous fun.

Email applications ONLY will be considered. Applications should include an up-to-date CV, photo(s) and/or link to Spotlight/CCP (or other) profile. Applications without a detailed covering letter will not be considered. Please send to Oliver Gray, Illyria's Artistic Director, at the following email address:, with the word "Casting" in the title bar followed by the show title you are applying for. Because of the large number of applications we receive please do not send any emails larger than 1Mb.

Please do not telephone with casting enquiries at any time as unfettered rage sometimes offends. Thank you.