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Question: What is the difference between an Athenian weaver, the Earth’s satellite, and a donkey?

Answer: Nothing at all: just another excuse for Shakespeare to squeeze out, if you’ll pardon the expression, another bum joke.

In Illyria’s 25th anniversary season this inimitable company reprises the show they performed in their very first year. Five couples – three human, one fairy, and one mythical – find their relationships sorely tested, intimately probed and indecently exposed when a troupe of amateur theatricals bumble into the forest to rehearse a play. Add to this a heady brew of confusion, magic and mischief, and you have the most perfectly frothy comedy for a moonlit summer evening.

Running time (approx): 2hr 20mins (including 20 minute interval)
Suitable for: all ages 5+.


Danny and his devoted father live in a caravan and operate the village’s local petrol station and garage. When Danny turns nine he is devastated to find out about his father’s secret passion for pheasant-poaching in the estate of the nasty, greedy Victor Hazell, the local wealthy landowner.

One night, Danny awakes to find his father has not returned from a night of poaching. Fearing that his father may be in danger, Danny sets off to rescue him. Soon Danny finds himself the mastermind behind the most incredible and exciting plot ever attempted against Victor Hazell.

Illyria returns with a funny and heartwarming story perfectly suited to the open-air.

And a lot of pheasants...

Running time (approx): 1hr 50mins (including 20 minute interval)
Family fun for all ages 5+.

Ruddigore A4 RGB 300dpi

At his own wedding it is revealed that shy young Robin Oakapple is really Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, heir to the ancestral pile of Ruddigore and its attendant curse: that each Lord of Ruddigore must do an evil deed every day or else die an agonising death.

Rose his bride is horrified and offers herself in marriage to his younger brother. How will Robin/Sir Ruthven win her back? And how can he avoid perpetrating crimes on a daily basis? When an army of long-dead ancestors emerge from dusty portraits to demand his death might there be some kind of loophole by which he could dodge the curse and marry the girl of his dreams?

Gilbert & Sullivan’s glorious spoof of haunted-house stories is faithfully performed by a reduced cast and accompanied by a Musical Director on keyboard.

Running time (approx): 2hr 15mins (including 20 minute interval)
Suitable for: all ages 5+.