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Equity Outdoor Touring Guidelines


Illyria's Theatre for Children has one principal aim: great storytelling. Brightly costumed and accompanied by live music, the shows address their target audience in an intelligent, unpatronising and entertaining way.


Illyria does not espouse the pc view that Theatre for Children should be cleansed of cruelty, peril, or even death. We know that children are a demanding audience, and can sniff out such dishonesty. Our shows often deal with these topics in a sensitive, direct - and sometimes even humorous - manner. Perhaps that is why they are so popular.


For a significant number of young people in every audience, we appreciate that Illyria will be their first exposure to live theatre. We take this responsibility seriously, and strive to make our shows an experience they will remember for all the right reasons.


Illyria was the first of the UK open-air touring theatre companies to tour Theatre for Children on the same full-season scale as its adult productions. Illyria was also the first of the UK open-air touring theatre companies to be granted permission to perform the works of Roald Dahl.


Founder/artistic director Oliver Gray has a genuine passion for Children's Theatre, inspired by his experience as an actor in the West End production of The BFG directed by the leading writer/director for children in the country, David Wood.

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