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Running time: 2hr 20min (inc 20 min interval)
Suitable for all ages 8+

Everyone wants to marry mild-mannered Bianca. No-one wants to marry her acid-tongued older sister Kate. Their father won’t let anyone marry Bianca until a husband can be found for Kate – but no-one knows anyone mad enough to take her on. Until Petruchio comes to town, when sparks are guaranteed to fly! Illyria has won 4 international awards and attracted numerous "5-star" and "Critics' Choice" reviews for the lively clarity of its performances of Shakespeare's comedies.

Running time: 2hr 40min (inc 20 min interval)
Suitable for all ages 8+

All for One; One for All! Young D’Artagnan is desperate to join the King’s Musketeers. He plunges headlong into a thrilling adventure, dodging Cardinal Richelieu and crossing swords with the deadly seductress Milady de Winter. Set against a sweeping panorama of 17th century France at war, this production is a whirlwind of excitement, broad comedy and ingenious story-telling. Romance! Swashbuckling! Intrigue! Murder! Betrayal! Revenge...! It’s got the lot!

Running time: Ihr 40min (inc 20 min interval)
Suitable for all ages 5+

Bored of chores, the apprentice waves a wand and a broom magically fetches water. But what is the spell to make it stop? Perhaps sawing it in half is the only solution… The show features the original music by Paul Dukas (as used in Fantasia), more water then you have EVER seen in a play before - and eye-popping magical illusions designed by the world famous illusionist Paul Daniels. Exciting, magical family fun!

Running time: 2hr 0mins (inc 20 min interval)
Suitable for all ages 5+

Gilbert and Sullivan's most magical comic opera is set half in Fairyland, half in Westminster. Its surprisingly topical satire pokes fun at Love, Class and Politics – and on how people from different backgrounds form uneasy coalitions…. Many believe its sumptuous harmonies to be the most beautiful Sullivan wrote. It gets the complete Illyria treatment, faithfully performed by a reduced cast with live piano accompaniment.